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Title: Rules
Post by: Fraky on February 01, 2014, 03:42:40 am
General Rules :
  1. You should be active in-game.
  2. You should not kill any LEO ( Law enforcement officers ).
  3. Don't kill your team ( CIA MEMBERS )
  4. If you are banned before. Please let us know.

Sparrow Rules :
You may not :
  1. Kill medium wanted criminals with Sea Sparrow on land.
  2. Kill low wanted criminals with Sea Sparrow.
  3. Kill Innocents and Law Enforcement Officers with Sea Sparrow.
You may :
  1. Kill most wanted criminals on land and on air.
  2. Kill medium wanted criminals on air.

After posting the application and if you are NOTIFIED you must pass these test below..

#1 Rules test ( Read the CIA Rules carefully listed above.)
#2 Lag shooting
#3 Lag P.I.T
#4 Driving skills
#5 Flying skills ( You'll have to chase a criminal with sea-sparrow )

If you pass these tests you can become a CIA!

As a proof that you have fully read this page, write "cuff" at the end of your application.